Maria Luísa Duarte

Associate Professor, Instituto de Ciências Jurídico-Políticas (ICJP)
Researcher, Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law (CIDP)

Research Interests

European Law - International Law – Fundamental Rights

Faculty Bio

Maria Luísa Duarte is an Associate Professor of Law at the Instituto de Ciências Jurídico-Políticas of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, where she graduated and completed her PhD. She is one of the most distinguished experts in European Law in Portugal. Her research interests lie in the fields of International Law, European Law and Administrative Law, areas where she has earned a reputation in teaching and researching nationally and internationally. At the research level, she has specialized in various themes within European Law such as European administrative law, fundamental rights, freedom of movement within the European Union, the relationship between Member-States and European institutions, and European Union litigation. She is currently the head of the line of research in European Law at the Centro de Investigação em Direito Público (CIDP) of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. Outside of the academic career, she has occupied several distinguished positions in legal consultancy at the Direcção-Geral dos Assuntos Europeus and has participated, as an agent of the Portuguese State and as consultant of several companies, in numerous legal cases at the International Court of Justice (Portugal v. Australia, East-Timour case), the European Court of Justice and at the Court of First Instance. Amongst the various books and articles of great scientific relevance and public impact, we should highlight A Liberdade de Circulação de Pessoas e a Ordem Pública no Direito Comunitário (a book which has won the Pessoa prize in 1992), A Teoria dos Poderes Implícitos e a Delimitação de Competências entre a União Europeia e os Estados-membros, Direito da União Europeia e das Comunidades Europeias, União Europeia e Direitos Fundamentais – no espaço da internormatividade, Direito Administrativo da União Europeia and União Europeia - estática e dinâmica da ordem jurídica eurocomunitária.