The research structure of the Centre

CIDP has created three Research Groups, each devoted to a specific field of Public Law: Constitutional Law & Political Science (CL&PS); Administrative Law (AL); and International and European Law (IEL). 

CIDP is also organised in three cross-cutting Thematic Lines, participated by all or most of the Research Groups, under loose coordination of the Group that is more connected with its main subject: Portuguese-speaking Public Law; Global Administrative and Regulatory Governance; and Energy, Natural Resources & the Environment.

Each Line cuts across and incorporates contributions from CIDP’s three Research Groups. The Lines also welcome contributions from other relevant R&D units, both from the University of Lisbon and from other universities, in Portugal and abroad.

The Research Projects are the core investigation unit of the Centre. They can be integrated in RGs or in Thematic Lines.


Research outputs

Between 2008 and 2012, CIDP’s researchers achieved the number of 18 peer-reviewed articles in refereed journals such as Ratio Juris, the Public Procurement Law Review, Diritto Pubblico Comparato ed Europeo, Revista de Derecho Constitucional Europeo, or the Archiv für Sozial und Rechtsphilosophie. The other publications considered are monographs, book chapters, collective works of recognised quality and great national and international impact, and articles published in other journals. Altogether, they surpass the figure of 650 publications in 5 years.