José Melo Alexandrino

Associate Professor, Instituto de Ciências Jurídico-Políticas (ICJP)
Researcher, Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law (CIDP)

Interesses de investigação

Constitutional Law – Fundamental Rights – Local Government Law – Public Portuguese-Speaking Countries Law

Perfil Biográfico

José Melo Alexandrino is Associate Professor of Law at the Instituto de Ciências Jurídico-Políticas (ICJP) of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon where he read for his PhD. Specialized in Constitutional Law, he has built a very strong research agenda and a teaching career in the fields of Fundamental Rights, Local Government Law and he is at the forefront of a new research trajectory which explores various themes of Public Portuguese-Speaking Countries Law. Apart from his activity as a lecturer of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, he has taught at the Military Academy, at the Faculties of Law of the University Agostinho Neto, the Mandume University in Lubango, the University José Eduardo dos Santos in Huambo and also at the Legal and Judicial Training Centre of the Macao Special Administrative Region. In its participations in congresses, colloquiums and research projects he has saught to combine, in an interdisciplinary and innovative manner, the various fields in which he specializes, developing research trajectories which intercross various methods and approaches, as in the case of the Jornadas de Direito Municipal Comparado Lusófono. At the research level, he was part of the research group known as “Internacionalização e Cooperação Lusófona” devoted to the development and promotion of cooperation between portuguese-speaking countries and he has also co-coordinated the Portuguese team of the Observatory on Local Autonomy. He participated in the development of the project La gouvernance locale dans l’Union européenne : vers un modèle de citoyenneté locale européenne?, directed by the University of Lille under the purview of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union. He coordinates the forthcoming research project entitled “Institucionalização do Poder Local nos Novos Países de Língua Portuguesa”, devoted to the study of local government in portuguese-speaking countries from a legal point of view which is part of the research agenda of the Centro de Investigação de Direito Público (CIDP). In Brazil, he is part of the editorial boards of the Revista da Escola Superior da Procuradoria Geral do Estado de São Paulo, of the journal Direitos Fundamentais & Justiça (PUCRS, in Porto Alegre) and of the Revista do Centro de Estudos Jurídicos da Procuradoria Geral do Estado de Pernambuco (in Recife). A widely read author for his originality and expertise, amongst his publications we should highlight the titles Direitos Fundamentais – Introdução geral, O Discurso dos Direitos, Elementos de Direito Público Lusófono, Direito das Autarquias Locais, A estruturação do sistema de direitos, liberdades e garantias na Constituição portuguesa, Estatuto Constitucional da Actividade de Televisão and the scientific article «Il sistema portoghese dei diritti e delle libertà fondamentali: zone franche nella tutela giurisdizionale».