João Tiago Silveira

Associate ProfessorInstituto de Ciências Jurídico-Políticas (ICJP)
Researcher,  Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law (CIDP)

Research Interests

Administrative Law - Administrative Litigation - Administrative Efficiency - Better Regulation - Urban Law

Faculty Bio

João Tiago Silveira holds a PhD in Law and is Professor at the Lisbon Law School, University of Lisbon since 1993 in Constitutional and Administrative Law. He is also member of the Board of the Institute for Political and Juridical Sciences as well as General Secretary of the Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law. He has relevant activity in the private sector as a consultant in the law firm of Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados and he also integrates the lists of arbitrators of Arbitration Courts on Administrative and Labour Law.
He has played an active role in public positions, namely as State Secretary of Justice, State Secretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Director of the Legislative Policy and Planning Office of the Ministry of Justice. During his role he conceived and executed policies on cutting red tape and simplification of registries and notaries, new technologies in courts, better regulation, simplification of legislative procedures, urban rehabilitation and the reform of administrative litigation. The list of published papers and books, postgraduate courses, conferences and trainings may be consulted in